Registration Requirements

Registration for Courses

Students may register for courses up to one week (5 business days) prior to the start of classes.

The following are required to register:

  • Identification (current drivers license, birth certificate or passport)
  • High school diploma or G.E.D. certificate
  • Initial payment for registration and tuition fees (accepted forms of payment include cash, personal checks and all major credit cards.) Students receiving financial aid (e.g. NJ unemployment, etc.) or who have a student loan should bring documentation of such when registering. 

Requirements / Competencies Prior to Enrollment   TheHome Inspection Institute LLC enrollment requirements  

Entrance Requirements:

  1. All students must be at least seventeen (17) years of age on or before the first day of class.
  2. Students must possess a High School Diploma or a General Education Development (G.E.D.) Diploma.
  3. The minimum educational requirement for enrollment is the Ability to Benefit which is defined as:
    • Ninth (9th) grade reading and math level as measured by the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or another test approved by the USDOE.
    • An interview with the admissions officer to review the TABE scores of the student and discuss any prerequisites needed for enrollment.

The following items and information are a subset of requirements in order to become licensed as a Home Inspector in New Jersey and are requirements for enrollment:

  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of Citizenship / Immigration Status
    Federal law limits the issuance or renewal of professional or occupational licenses or certificates to U.S. citizens or qualified aliens.
  • Lack of any medical condition which may prohibit an applicant from practicing as a Home Inspector.

Instructional Strategies

The classroom 140 hour certification program will be presented primarily via Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (10 total) that are specifically created for the NJ certification program. The PowerPoint presentations are created and edited by Dearborn, Inc. and are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education. The Dearborn’ presentations include student Question and Answer sessions and group case studies as well as quizzes, mid-term and final inspections.

Equipment and Supplies

The Dearborn’ approved presentations will be presented via a LCD projector and laptop that are the responsibility of the school. However, each student is expected to procure the following for each program:

140-Hour Certification Program:

10 volume Dearborn Home Inspection Certification program books (soft cover or electronic); available directly from Dearborn, Inc.

40-Hour Field Mentoring Program:

Work boots and suitable clothes for outdoor field work, notebook. A digital camera is also recommended.


The maximum enrollment numbers/attendees per program are as follows:

140 Hour Classroom Certification Program: 5

40 Hour Field Mentoring Program: 2 per inspection.

Student Evaluation Techniques

A test may be administered after each lesson to determine the amount of learning that has taken place. Students should make arrangements for additional practice, independent study or tutoring. Other methods of evaluation may include oral quizzes, skill development tests, case studies and individual and group projects.

Credit Disclaimer Statement

The Home Inspection Institute does not offer college credit courses. The use of the term credit refers only to financial credit towards grants or student loans. It does not refer to academic credit. The Home Inspection Institute is not approved to offer college credits. The Home Inspection Institute is a state approved private vocational school.