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GI Bill, Vocational Rehab, Ch. 35 

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Costs and FAQ

How much does the training program cost?

Our NJ certificate program costs as little as $4500 or up to $6900, depending on your unique situation. We also offer a low cost option if you will never seek licensure in NJ and just want to attend our live training classes... we charge only $2500. And, should you change your mind and want that lucrative license in the future... just come back, pay the extra cost and finish the rest of the program. The full cost of our elite NJ certificate program for licensure is $6900, including all 200 hours, with fieldwork. That is the cost if you need us to finance your payments over time and don't qualify for any discounts. However, we know times are hard, so we offer a number of discounts that can lower this cost substantially. Please see the next question and find out what discounts apply to you! ($100 of the programs costs includes a non-refundable application fee.)

What does the tuition include?

The includes 200 hours of elite training leading to the NJ Home Inspection Certificate and Home Inspection Fieldwork Certificate. You need both of these to apply for a license in NJ. It also includes: Our unparalled pass rate (100% of students taking the exam passed 2019-2020) School designed for home inspection, with equipment, not a rented conference room Unlimited 24/7 access to our proprietary study portal High tech, digital materials and paperwork - no driving just to sign forms or get materials A dedicated, supportive director and fieldwork coordinator Personalized instructor support Live, in person or online training Inspection reporting template Free one-month InterNACHI membership Smaller class sizes for intensive training Report writing lab in classroom Strategies to avoid pitfalls and lawsuits Business development and marketing ideas Multiple field training inspectors/mentors Reporting software resources Support for your career while at school and long after

What supplies do I need?

It is recommended that students have a laptop/PC/tablet and printer to read the powerpoints, create reports and print tests. The same device can be used to access our live, online classes, too.

For reporting writing, a PC/laptop is recommended, with Word processing software or equivalent.

For fieldwork , you need work boots and suitable clothes required for outdoor work, a notebook, flashlight, and digital camera.

Optional textbooks:

Carson Dunlap Principles of Home Inspection: Systems and Standards, 3rd Edition

10 volume Dearborn Home Inspection Certification program books (soft cover); available directly from Dearborn, Inc.

Do you accept federal financial aid?

No, the Home Inspection Institute does not offer college credit courses and thus is not a part of the federal student financial aid programs. The use of the term credit, at HII, refers only to financial credit towards grants or student loans. It does not refer to academic credit. The Home Inspection Institute is a state approved private vocational school, not a school approved to offer college credits.

Are you accredited or approved by the state?

The Home Inspection Institute is a state approved private vocational school in New Jersey, and have been since 2008. Private vocational schools for home inspection in this state are not required to be accredited by any organization. And, we are are an InterNACHI Partner School, highest rated by students since 2008!

Do you accept VA educational benefits, like the GI Bill?

Yes, we regularly enroll students with GI Bill educational benefits. It is a quick and easy process. We've also had students access Vocational Rehabilitation and Chapter 35 funding from the VA. Some of our best students have been members of the armed forces!

How is training done now, during Covid-19?

Our live, advanced training classes are now conducted via live interactive video. You see our instructor and all the same training materials, and we see and hear you... just like in the classroom! However, you don't have to wear a mask for 4 hours OR worry about staying 6 feet apart. It sure saves on travel time several days a week, too! Fieldwork also continues, as home inspection is an essential NJ business. Our instructors take extra precautions, with social distancing and personal protective equipment, to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Do you offer financing?

We always recommend paying in full, since the school gives a 10% prepayment cash/check discount, lowering tuition rates. However, if you need to pay over time, we do offer 0% interest payments plans for 3-4 months. The 4-month plan includes a deposit of $900. $2000 is due when class starts $2000 due in 30 days Final payment of $2000 in 60 days. You can pay weekly, if you prefer!

What discounts or coupons do you offer?

We offer a number of discounts. Usually, we limit students to a single discount, but do contact us if you think you qualify for more than one. We will try to work with you. We do require proof of discount status. Coupon code is provided after verification. - 10% for paying tuition in full with cash or check, cost of $6210 (Cash payment discount CAN be combined with one other!) - 10% friends and family discount if another student refers you to us, cost of $6210 - 10% for military, veterans and first responders, cost of $6210 (and the GI pays often pays tuition in full) - 40% discount for joining with a friend or colleague, 2nd tuition is $4100 - $900 discount if you have your inspector for fieldwork, cost of $6000 - Unemployed discount: If you can document your job loss and unemployment benefits, we will meet or beat ANY school's cost in the state! We are here for you during these hard times. See our unemployment question below for more information about funding options.

What if I just want to learn about home inspection and won't be licensed?

Community members can 'audit' or observe our entire academic, 140 class sequence for just $2500. This is GREAT if you just want to learn, don't need an NJ license, or want the information to help you in your real estate or construction career.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and check prepayments for a 15% discount. Students also pay with GI Bill, Vocational Rehab, One Stop Shop, or Chapter 35 VA funding. We do accept credit cards, but a 3% fee may apply. As a courtesy, we don't charge that fee for students who need to pay the full tuition rate.

Why is your tuition sometimes higher than other schools'?

We've been told there are cheaper programs. But buyer beware. Quality isn’t cheap and your future is valuable. It’s that simple. Go ahead and research reviews – and horror stories - about different programs. Ask about faculty expertise in engineering, home inspection, home structures and systems, and career education. Then, ask if the owner of the school was a student of HII, or a former instructor. That's right... almost every school in the state is newly created, by a former HII student or teacher hoping to take your money. But, they simply can't match our proven success since 2008. Students who finish the rigorous HII program GET LICENSED. For example, over the past year, 100% of HII students who took the national home inspector exam PASSED. Why pay for less for a poor imitation? Don’t sell your future short just to save a teensy percentage of your potential income! You can have ‘economy’ training now or a lucrative career later, but you can’t really do both – we’ve been proving that since 2008. If you attend an inferior training program because of budget, we think you are more likely to make costly career mistake when you start working. Those kinds of mistakes can lead to career failure or even lawsuits! HII is 200+ hours of training by licensed experts, with propriety test prep and study systems. It’s like taking FIVE college courses with extraordinary faculty, curriculum, and training! And, we focus on just a few students at a time. Ask yourself: “Do I want an easy bargain-priced copycat program, or the best career outcomes?”

How do I get the NJ home inspector license?

First, you have to successfully completed an approved course of study of 180 hours, like our HII program. Our program also includes the 40 hours of unpaid field-based inspections in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a licensed home inspector, which is also required to apply for the NJ license.

Then, you take the National Home Inspector Examination Test and pay them a $225 fee


When you pass and finish the HII program, you submit an application and fee of $125 to the New Jersey Home Inspector Advisory Committee.


What are my business costs after licensure?

This is a very low cost career!

Every two years, you pay $500 to the Home Inspector Advisory Committee.

You also pay some amount of liability insurance every year (~$1500, depending on underwriting).

And, you'll probably need some tools (see our list in the FAQ).

You may want to pay a few hundred dollars to create a website, but some inspectors just use Facebook or word of mouth advertising.

Similarly, many inspectors use reporting software, some of which seamlessly integrates into websites. You may be charged a few dollars for every report, or a monthly fee. It depends on what you choose. Many inspectors use simple word processing software that doesn't have a cost associated with it!

If you choose to employ others, you will have employment costs. And, if you choose to work as a solo practitioner or contractor rather than employee, you may need to consider health or dental insurance for yourself.

What tools will I need after I am licensed?

Our inspectors will walk you through how to use these, and how to be cost savvy if you need to get more tools over time! (a) All licensees shall, during the performance of a home inspection, be equipped with the following minimum tools and equipment: 1. A ladder, minimum 11 feet in length; 2. A flashlight or other equivalent light source; 3. A flame inspection mirror; 4. An electrical outlet tester with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) test ability; 5. Tools necessary to remove common fasteners on covers or panels which are required to be removed pursuant to this subchapter. 6. A measuring tape; 7. A probe; 8. Thermometers for testing air conditioning; 9. Binoculars or equivalent magnification device; 10. A moisture meter; 11. Combustible gas leak detection equipment; and 12. A voltage detector. (b) This section is not intended to establish an exclusive list of tools and equipment to be used during the performance of a home inspection. Licensees may utilize any other tools or equipment that, in his or her professional judgment, he or she believes is necessary to adequately perform a home inspection. See: https://casetext.com/regulation/new-jersey-administrative-code/title-13-law-and-public-safety/chapter-40-state-board-of-professional-engineers-and-land-surveyors/subchapter-15-home-inspection-advisory-committee/section-1340-1517-mandatory-tools-and-equipment

What if I am disabled?

We've had so many successful students that were differently abled! There is just one question to ask: "Do you have any condition which may prohibit you from practicing as a Home Inspector?" As long as the answer is no, you can be successful. If you have any questions, contact us and we can talk with you and help you decide.

Do I have to have a license in NJ to inspect homes?

Yes, you must be licensed as a home inspector to inspect homes of 1-4 units. Larger residential or commericial properties require a different license.

Can I work in other states once licensed?

Each state has different requirements, but NJ is the most stringent in the US!
This link explains each states requirements: https://www.nachi.org/licensing-and-certification Many of our students get licensed in multiple states!

Are there ways to make more money, once I am licensed?

Yes! There are many other specific trainings, several of which are available through InterNACHI University for free, that allow you to offer ancillary services (and charge more). Examples include:

  • roof data technician program

  • mold or air quality

  • radon testing certified technician (available online via Rutgers University in NJ)

  • home buyback program

  • annual maintenance inspections

  • chimney inspections

  • construction project oversight

  • energy scoring

  • lead paint testing

  • meth lab testing

  • mold testing

  • pool & spa inspections

  • radon gas testing

  • septic system inspections

  • thermal imaging

  • water quality testing

  • WDO/insect inspections

And more! See this resources for more ideas in increasing gross revenue: https://micb.cdn.prismic.io/micb%2Fd95073ab-4b45-47bf-b532-af2e026c4708_stacks-a-home-inspectors-guide-to-increasing-gross-revenue.pdf

Are there diverse students in your school?

Yes!! HII is a welcoming school, committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion for its staff and students. We respect cultural, racial/ethnic, religious, age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, socioecomic, and cognitive diversity... as well as diversity of perspectives. We recognize the value of each individual student and encourage anyone to apply!

What is it like to work as a home inspector?

Check out these resources and see! https://jobshadow.com/interview-with-a-home-inspector/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftr2-88FkHE

Can I attend virtually if I live out of state and don't need a license in NJ?

Yes! In fact, if all you need is elite classroom training, you can sit in on all 140 hours of our classes for just $2500. You will get a vast amoutn of technical knowledge that will benefit your career no matter where you live. We can even offer report writing training/review and virtual fieldwork training, if you need it! Contact us to ask for more information.

How do I get a personal loan to pay for career training?

There are many options online that fund private loans for career training. One quick search on google offers these examples: https://www.citizensbank.com/student-lending/student-loans.aspx https://www.discover.com/personal-loans/ https://www.lendingclub.com/ https://www.prosper.com/loans/

Can I get unemployment funding?

As of 2021, many counties provide training funding for home inspection! You will want to search online for your local "One Stop Shop" services. Call and ask about home inspection funding for our school. You will to go there to apply, have required meetings, etc. And, funding is not guaranteed. If you are unemployed and can't pay the full tuition, contact us to see if we can help. Often, we've waived some tuition for students who receive partial funding or only have a few thousand saved for a career transition. And remember, the HII unemployed discount: If you can document your job loss and unemployment benefits, we will meet or beat ANY school's cost in the state! We are here for you during these hard times. See our unemployment question below for more information about funding options.

What if I have to cancel or withdraw?

We offer you a full year to complete the program for any reason - health, time, financial, etc. But, if you can't finish, here is the policy:

If withdrawal or cancellation occurs: HII retains:

During the first module 10% of the tuition

During the second or third module 20% of the tuition

After the third module but prior to completion of 50% of the tuition

the fifth module

After completion of more than five modules 100% of the tuition

Can I work in PA after your class / Does my Philly license allow me to be an NJ inspector?

PA inspectors, even those licensed in Philadelphia, still need to take the NJ coursework and apply for a license in NJ. There is no reciprocity. In PA, you need to be a full member of an association, such as InterNACHI and do a certain number of inspections (100, as of 2020) to be a home inspector. It is an unregulated state (no state license). Philadelphia does have a Home Inspector license but the requirements are the same as PA. There is a way to get provisional approval in PA, so check their state regulations for more information.

Are there hidden costs or fees your school?

No. The cost of school includes your learning materials, fieldwork, and classes. There are optional things, like a recommended book, but there are no hidden fees.