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What's the income and benefits?


Average Employee Salary

$68,160   ($32.76/hour)

Dollar Bill in Jar

Income Per Inspection


According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.57.53 PM.png

Potential Income


According to ZipRecruiter 

It's in demand
& crisis proof

And, there are more benefits...

Minimal Education Requirements

Home inspector requirements are only a high school diploma/GED from anywhere in the world.

Extremely Low Cost Start Up

"There is no other high-income business that is this cheap to start up. Certainly not with the minimum education and training required."

Fast, Flexible Training 

The training is versatile. Finish as fast 10 weeks. Or, take it slower - up to a year! This flexibility helps students work around work/family issues.

Work in More States

Work in NJ, NY, DE, or PA (or more) because NJ Home Inspector can acquire additional licenses in other states. Check out other state's requirements and enjoy all that flexibility to move!

Add Additional Revenue

Septic, tank sweeps, WDI, radon, lead, air quality or mold, commercial property, accessibility, insects, and more... After you are licensed, keep adding more certifications and more revenue opportunity.

Flexible Work Schedules

Home inspectors have very flexible schedules and you can work as much or little as you want. Make your own schedule and control when you work.

Flexible Work Type

Work alone, or grow a business with employees... Prefer to take it easier? Work part time or be an independent contractor and take referrals from others, or join a franchise. You can even find salaried positions with benefits, health care, and trucks provided!

Family Friendly, Free time

Its a family friendly career - or one that gives you a lot of leisure time! 

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